At Gilbert & Cook, we possess the ability to analyze complex issues and explain the outcomes concisely to create understanding and instill confidence. Utilizing methodologies founded on years of experience, we deliver objective wealth management strategies for our clients' financial security. 

Gilbert & Cook is dedicated to building prudent, unbiased investment portfolios. The members of the Investment Team all possess, or have progress toward, the prestigious Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. Our team is committed to providing clients with consistent portfolio design, efficient implementation, and ongoing oversight. As an independent firm, we have access to countless investment strategies and managers. We also utilize the research and technology from many of the most well-known and respected companies in the industry. This flexibility enables Gilbert & Cook to formulate our own investment beliefs which are reflected in our proprietary asset allocation models. As a result, Gilbert & Cook's wealth of knowledge and resources will position complex portfolios for anticipated success. 

Core Investment Beliefs

  • We take time to understand the clients' objective for all of their accounts and the overall portfolio based on the client's time horizon, financial goals, risk tolerance/aversion, tax profile, and cash flow needs. We establish the parameters for these through the financial planning process and effective communication. 
  • We develop proprietary, long-term strategic asset allocation models based on Modern Portfolio Theory, which are then tailored to each client's portfolio.
  • We believe diversification is the key to prudent investing. Portfolios will always be allocated among U.S. and international stocks, bonds/cash and alternative assets. 
  • We utilize a combination of active and passive management styles with the ability to implement shorter-term tactical tilts based on our independent research. We do not believe in trying to “time the market” but that maintaining a consistent asset allocation across full market cycles will yield the best long-term results.
  • We manage our clients’ portfolios both on a discretionary basis using Gilbert & Cook created models as well as utilizing third party, institutional money managers that have passed due diligence and screening criteria.
  • We build efficient portfolios mainly consisting of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) which provide targeted asset class exposure in a cost effective way. Other security types may include: certificates of deposit, individual bonds and stocks, preferred stocks, open ended and closed ended mutual funds, separate accounts, UITs, real estate investment trusts (REITs), and private placements.
  • We create stock sale strategies for clients who have concentrated positions of 5% or more of their portfolio. The multi-year strategy accounts for future growth rates, income, tax consequences and its impact on the portfolio’s risk-return statistics.
  • We monitor, report, and educate clients in a timely manner on how their portfolio and specific strategies performed vs. expectations and various benchmarks.