Define Abundance: Your Hopes, Your Dreams...

How you define your values and expectations will bring focus to life’s many choices. In the Design Meeting, we’ll listen to your goals,
evaluate your assumptions, clarify what you want to accomplish. You’ll meet the professional team at Gilbert & Cook whose passion is
to further your success. We put everything we’ve got into understanding who you are and where you want to go. 

Reality Check: You need to know where you stand before you can take the next step.

The Gilbert & Cook Financial Security Method insists on a Reality Check – a constant touch-point we return to time and time again as your Prosperity Plan moves forward. This realistic, ongoing summary assessment of your financial situation measures your provision in space versus your plan. The Reality Check is the bottom line that shows how pieces of your plan work together, and how they could work better.

Prosperity Plan: The foundation for your future is at the heart of everything that we do.

This comprehensive, individually tailored plan is shaped by your unique choices and your definition of abundance. This will launch the actions that drive your financial success. You’ll be in control of a tangible, written financial management plan which will give you the greatest chance to accomplish what you have determined is important to you.

Results Monitor: Your Success is our priority.

We stay in readiness with quick responses to changing conditions as we monitor your plan and track your portfolio as life transitions.
Bottom line reporting and regular meetings is essential to our process should adjustments be needed to sustain your goals and expectations. Our experienced team is ready to give you their best.