The independent firm was founded in 1993 by Linda Cook, whose early career in investment planning convinced her that people should come before products. Linda’s goal in starting her own strategic financial planning company was to build long-term relationships based on identifying needs and exploring solutions, rather than ‘selling something’. Rather than deliver pigeon-holed solutions – ‘the flavor of the month’ – Linda Cook set out to truly understand her clients, listen to what they wanted to achieve, and to find the right solutions to meet the needs.

Linda was joined in 2000 by Marlis Gilbert, who added her many years of experience to the firm, including a primary focus on financial planning. It was a great match. Marlis developed creative plans and Linda created investment strategies to make those plans work.

The firm was later joined by Linda’s husband, Chris Cook – a CPA and Chartered Financial Analyst – who is the company’s Chief Investment Strategist.

The three principals are joined by a professional team of financial professionals who put the “Gilbert & Cook experience” in play for clients every day. They understand that wealth accumulation is important to people – especially those reaching retirement age – and they work to put guests at ease with a warm welcome and an assurance that their confidentially is respected, and their questions and concerns heard. Working with the experienced hands at Gilbert & Cook, you can have confidence that each step is the right step toward enjoying a life of abundance!